Project List

The Big Think of Seth Burgertron  (pre-release)
Format: Graphic Novel (POD)
Role: writer, artist
When a postgraduate student becomes disenchanted with the academic world he must choose whether to continue his studies or pursue a career as an author. A story of life, love and rockstar publishing.

Giggli Goes to Space
Format: App Storybook -phone and tablet (iOS, android)
Role: writer, artist, UX designer
Kids can join Giggli on her quest to become the first cardboard rocket astronaut on her block. Help assemble the spaceship, plan the outfits, gather supplies and finally blast off wth Giggli.

Tanks and Turrets
Format: Mobile Game Series – phone and tablet (iOS, android)
Role: artist, GUI designer
Tanks and Turrets is a classic tower defense. Plan the ultimate defensive arrangement against waves of heavily armed military vehicles.

Format: Mobile Game – phone and tablet (iOS, android)
Role: artist, animator
Alchemedes is a crazy chemist who keeps messing up his formulas. Kids can help him get it right while practicing their maths.

Format: Mobile Game – (iOS)
Role: artist, animator
In Drop! The player takes the role of a parachutist who has to negotiate obstacles in a variety of environments.

King of Stink
Format: Picture Book (POD)
Role: writer, artist
When a boy becomes an overnight sensation fame goes straight to his head. But when the world turns its attentino elsewhere, he learns the real meaning of family.

Format: Interactive Storybook Series – online (flash)
Role: writer, director, animator, developer
Robovill is a charming town full of quirky robots who laugh, live and learn life’s lessons together. Developed for the Chinese market, the stories featured point and click animation, multi-lingual text and sound and were integrated with an online learning platform.

Temple of the Goat People
Format: Computer Game – platformer (Game maker)
Role: artist, game designer, developer
When a bookish young woman’s father goes missing she must travel to the ends of the Earth armed only with the weight of knowledge to help her defeat intelligent ants, interdimensional demons and the mysterious goat people.

Liz and Otto vs the Sausage People from Space
Format: Animation Short – after effects animation (12 min)
Role: writer, director, animator
Two kids are abducted by aliens. Through a series of gormless misadventures they manage to stop an alien invasion and get dropped off back home in time for tea.

Doktor Diabolus
Format: Animation Short – stop motion cutout (3min)
Role: writer, director, animator
When you have a pain that just won’t go away, you call a doctor. But when you call Doktor Diabolus, be prepared for unexpected results.

Machine Human Interface
Format: Video Art – experimental chroma key narrative (22min)
Role: Artist, video editor
Machine Human Interface was the first short featured in a selection of contemporary Melbourne video art at ACCA (The Australian Centre for Contemporary Art)

Some Underground Machine
Format: Series of Print and Video Zines – photocopy and VHS tape
Role: video editor, co-producer
Intermedia project consisting of a series of print and video zines showcasing the work of Australian alternative print and video artists. Distributed through independent bookstores.